Student Gardens


Fanshawe College

Humber College

Niagara Parks School of Horticulture

Professor Shane Jones, Horticultural program

Durham College

“I have had the opportunity to experience building a students’ garden at Congress from the perspective of an educator and as a student. There are two things I can say with certainty. First, it takes a great deal of hard work ‎and passion to build those gardens within those two days. Second, it’s worth every bit of it!”

Mike Mason

Fanshawe Horticulture student

“We worked together, accomplished our goals with a step-by-step process. The class did a great job. The whole two-day experience of working and staying together as a class was exhilarating.”

Blair Cole

Niagara College student

“I feel that the only way to totally understand the complexity of a landscape design build project is to do it. The LO student garden provided me with that critical experience. And it was totally fun.”